Registering for auction

Exclusively for professional car dealers and traders

We organize a monthly auction for vehicles that are not sold online.
The auction is intended exclusively for professional car dealers and traders.

The auction will take place in one of our company’s warehouses. After winning a vehicle in one of our auctions, you have the option to collect it immediately or have it delivered to you through Zoom Trading delivery service.

In order to participate to our auction, dealers and traders must get pre-approved by completing the form on this page.
During the registration process we will ask you to prove you are a professional car trader or dealer by submitting your company registration document wich should contain the NACE codes related with car-trading (45.1, 45.1.1, 45.1.9…).
After validating you company registration documents, you get full access to our auction and so you will be able to bid and purchase the available cars to our auction.

If you think you are eligible to attend at the auction then you can register by completing the registration form.


If you’re not entirely sure which documents you need or if you have any questions, Contact Us.


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